Addmaster helps bin contract waste


Addmaster and Roftek unveil Binny, a flat-packed disposable sanitary unit

Addmaster has teamed up with a UK manufacturer of a disposable sanitary bin to help revolutionise the way companies deal with sanitary waste.

Binny is a flat-packed disposable sanitary unit made by Roftek and designed to provide a convenient, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive way for organisations to dispose of sanitary waste.

Roftek spotted a gap in the market in 2013 when the Government reiterated its waste classifications and clearly stated that sanitary waste is offensive waste, as opposed to clinical or infectious waste. This classification means that every organisation, from small private companies to large public sector bodies, no longer needs to use traditional sanitary bin contractors to provide, clean and empty sanitary bins. That’s where Binny comes in.

Sanitary bin contractors have a huge carbon footprint because their vans cover thousands of miles servicing sanitary bins. Binny doesn’t require a contractor, so any organisation can deal with sanitary waste itself. By eliminating the contractor, organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and achieve considerable cost savings. Binny is also designed so that the bin and its contents can be simply disposed of without ever being seen or handled by visitors or cleaning staff.

Uniquely, the Binny sanitary bin also features two highly-innovative technologies developed by Addmaster - Biomaster antibacterial protection and Scentmaster odour suppressant.

Traditional sanitary bins are washed using a range of chemicals, then sachets, tablets, or powders are often added to provide a biocide and to mask unpleasant smells. This biocide and masking fragrance is released as a gas, but as soon as a sanitary towel is placed in the sanitary bin, this prevents any gas release and nullifies any fragrance and biocide protection.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology actively inhibits the growth of bacteria inside Binny sanitary bins, thereby reducing the risk of cross infection. When Biomaster is added to any substrate it prevents bacteria from multiplying on its surface. Unlike the gaseous route of powders and tablets used by traditional sanitary bin suppliers, a Biomaster surface is designed to last for the life of the product giving long-term protection from harmful bacteria. 

Binny also contains a unique and specially-formulated bad smell blocker designed to specially target sanitary bin odours. Scentmaster malodour technology is a unique fragrance combination, tailored in such a way that the human nose identifies it in preference to the bad smells found in sanitary bins, therefore the offensive smells cannot be identified.

Binny is already in use across numerous NHS sites. Company director, Simon Rothwell, said: “Every organisation using sanitary bin contractors will benefit from switching to Binny.

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“The great thing about teaming up with Addmaster is that we can provide a flat-packed product which doesn’t require the addition of tablets, powders or solutions. This means the customer can simply pop open Binny and the use of Biomaster and Scentmaster means that Binny can be left in situ for months thereby saving customers money.”