Aircuity introduces new products and features


Tubing, wall probe and sensors address commercial building health and wellness market

Aircuity has announced the launch of several new products and additional features to its analytic platform.

Based on two years of experience on its new cloud-based platform, these innovations are specifically targeted to the fast-growing commercial building health and wellness market.

“With our 2.0 software platform completed, these newly-released innovations will allow us to deliver an even-stronger value proposition to both existing and new clients, starting with a more-compelling first cost and improved ROI,” explains Aircuity chief executive, Dan Diehl.

The new products and features address the fast-growing building wellness movement based on recent academic results linking environmental quality to improved cognitive function.

Luca Mazzei, Aircuity’s chief growth officer, said: “Healthy, safe, and more-productive buildings are the fastest-growing segment in the intelligent buildings category and we see increasing implementation in the global market.”

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The solution enhancements include:

  • MD100 Tubing: This is a plenum-rated, more-cost-effective MicroDuct tube for multi-parameter sensing in healthy building applications. It allows for precise capture and measurement of volatile organic compounds and particles in addition to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, as required by a growing number of certifications like WELL
  • Architectural Series Wall Probe: This new wall probe is designed to be modern and aesthetically-pleasing in public gathering facilities
  • Increased number of sensed locations on each sensor suite: For healthy building applications, this allows for significant cost reductions, reducing first cost and increasing ROI