Biddle launches compact air curtain


Energy saving Invisidor Style Compact suited to entrances where space is at a premium

Climate control and separation specialist, Biddle, has launched the Invisidor Style Compact air curtain, building on the success of the Invisidor Style designer range.

The Invisidor Style Compact boasts the same energy-saving benefits and sleek aesthetics as Biddle’s Invisidor Style air curtain, yet its smaller size ensures it is suited to entrances where space is at a premium.

Like the rest of the Invisidor Style range, the Compact version has an attractive, contemporary, eye-catching cylindrical profile and distinctive perforated grille, being designed for entrances that require strong aesthetic appeal.

The modular design of the unit ensures the product is suitable for any sized doorway. The integration of Biddle’s patented rectifier also supplies conditioned air at low speed with minimum turbulence. When fitted correctly, both features will guarantee that the air stream reaches the floor, preventing warm air from escaping from the building.

To further optimise energy usage, the Invisidor Style Compact can be operated using the Econtrol energy-saving controller. Whether used manually or automatically, the control can optimise the comfort conditions of the entrance environment through energy-saving adjustment of air volume and temperature. Timer clocks, door contact switches or room thermostats can be linked to the air curtain for extra flexibility.

Andrew Saxon, Biddle’s marketing manager, said: “Architects, designers and building owners are constantly looking for climate control and separation products that can enhance the appearance of entrance environments without compromising on performance.

Our Invisidor Style air curtain range has proved hugely successful in providing a solution to this problem, being a practical, energy-saving product that is suitable for use in even the most high-end establishments. In order to acknowledge the success of this product, we have added the Invisidor Style Compact to our portfolio, which now gives us the opportunity to offer customers the benefits of the product in a smaller and more streamlined footprint.

“Further adding to its aesthetic appeal, the Invisidor Style Compact is available in classic stainless steel or a choice of slick painted finishes.”

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The Invisidor Style Compact measures 242mm x 362mm x 1130/1650/2130mm, in contrast to the Style, which measures 350mm x 500mm x 1250/1712/2345mm.