Bristol Maid releases new range of reclining armchairs


Bristol Maid releases new range of reclining armchairs

A new range of reclining armchairs has been released by Bristol Maid. Designed specifically for the healthcare environment, the new chairs use high quality components and are upholstered using flame retardant antimicrobial vinyl.

The Shapwick is designed for everyday comfort with a contoured support back and a choice of electric or manual tilt in space mechanisms. Ideal for general use next to a bed or in the lounge of a care home or hospital. The chair has limited seams and simple lines to assist with cleaning. The chair is fitted with a fixed Easiform reflex seat cushion as standard, designed for general comfort. Where additional support is required, alternative pressure management seat cushions are available.

The Twyford features a waterfall back and winged sides, providing additional support and comfort. Specific comfort and pressure management needs can be managed through a range of seat cushions constructed from specialist pressure care materials. Available as either a manual tilt in space recliner or electric single tilt in space or single tilt in space recliner with rise function, the chairs provide postural support, pressure care management along with assistance from sitting to a stand position.

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