Cosmetic surgery clinic implements BigHand’s digital dictation solution


BigHand Professional set to help La Belle Forme dramatically reduce document turnaround time to get more done from any location

La Belle Forme, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Glasgow, is experiencing improved workload management and a vast reduction in the turnaround time for clinical correspondence following the implementation of BigHand Professional.

The solution, which was implemented in January 2014, has replaced the cosmetic surgery’s previous outdated and unreliable digital dictation method.

The surgery offers cosmetic and beauty treatments from subtle enhancements to complete makeovers. La Belle Forme chose BigHand, a specialist provider of digital dictation, speech recognition and clinical correspondence solutions, due to the ease and usability of the software and the support it received from the team.

Taimur Shoaib, consultant plastic surgeon and medical director at La Belle Forme, said: “I was already using a basic dictation system in the form of a simple dictaphone. However, the problem was I would sometimes forget it, it would run out of battery, or the reliability of the connection would fail. The more I questioned the current system, the more I found that the answers to my problems were in BigHand.”

La Belle Forme has implemented BigHand’s professional edition, a hosted digital dictation system that enables authors to record dictations via their desktop or smartphones and send the voice files instantly to administrative staff for transcription, from any location.

The implementation sees two plastic surgeons use the market-leading software via their smartphones to dictate pre and post-operative notes, carry out administrative work related to the business, as well as dictate notes for the medicolegal practise side of the company.

Shoaib said: “Due to the nature of our business, a lot of the processes involved require lengthy dictations for legal purposes, so BigHand’s technology is not only aiding with the clinical aspects of the company, it is also assisting with business strategy too. The software is very easy to use, each dictation is automatically synchronised with my secretary’s computer and of course the whole system is far more reliable. Although we looked briefly at other providers, we were really impressed with BigHand. ”

Over the coming months, La Belle Forme will review its digital dictation requirements to consider adding in more users, including its clinical support nurses who are currently relying on hand held notes.

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Shoaib said: “For a small organisation like ourselves, BigHand has provided us with a very cost-effective solution which eliminates all of the problems we had with the previous system. Our work is time-sensitive and we simply cannot rely on dictation software that does not meet our needs or is unreliable. We needed a solution that would work with us and help with operational tasks so that the business and team can be more productive; BigHand allows us to do this.”