Improve workplace productivity with CamCleaner air purifiers


CamCleaner combats poor air quality

Bacteria, dust, viruses and harmful particles in the air may cause itchy eyes, headaches, blocked noses and can give rise to asthma and irritation of the respiratory tract.

To combat these problems, Camfil has developed the CamCleaner range of air purifiers.

Camfil’s CamCleaner range of mobile, stationary and standalone air purifiers are used to supplement existing ventilation systems.

With the most-efficient HEPA filters on the market, they work as a supplement to existing ventilation systems and provide reduced energy costs, more-efficient production and a healthier work environment by removing dust, contaminants and harmful particles.

CamCleaner Fact File:

  • Cleaner products, less downtime
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Healthier employees
  • Even temperature distribution in high-ceilinged rooms
  • Elimination of most air impurities, eg welding fumes, construction dust, asbestos and particles of all sizes down to ultrafine

When the air is free from particles and dust, products are protected and therefore waste levels reduced. Parts of the premises that are difficult to clean are kept clean for longer and the cleaning frequency may be reduced by up to 50%.

Camfil’s air purifiers have been developed to suit all applications and are available in a variety of sizes. Each has the capacity to clean the air within a designated space from small office environments to large industrial spaces.

The range includes:

  • CamCleaner 300 air purification for spaces up to 25sq m
  • CamCleaner 800 air purification for spaces up to 65sq m
  • CamCleaner 2000 air purification for spaces up to 200sq m
  • CamCleaner 6000 air purification for spaces up to 1,000sq m
  • CamCleaner 30000 air purification for spaces up to 2000sq m

Installing the correct CamCleaner air purifier leads to improved performance, reduced absence due to illness, and produces air that feels easy to breathe.

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