Low-energy air filters: Quick wins


Camfil White Paper highlights energy-saving opportunities

Camfil UK has published a white paper highlighting the energy-saving opportunities from effective air filtration systems within non-domestic buildings including hospitals.

Entitled Quick wins for energy savings in buildings: A Facilities Manager’s guide to choosing low energy air filters for both optimised energy performance and indoor air quality, it addresses the challenge all operators face when it comes to the energy efficiency of their building stock.

Procuring the right filter can be a huge benefit to an organisation’s energy-saving strategy

The publication follows research by the Federation of European Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Associations which estimates that within the EU alone there is a potential annual saving of 5TWh available by switching to low-energy air filters. This would equate up to £500m energy saving in the UK.

It states: "In the average commercial building, 50% of the energy bill is for the HVAC system. 30% of that is directly related to the air filter, yet the filtration part of this is substantially and invariably overlooked.

"Procuring the right filter can be a huge benefit to an organisation’s energy-saving strategy."

It adds: "Placement of low energy air filters in air conditioning systems enhances the system efficiency by maintaining the heat transfer efficiency of the heating and cooling coils over an extended period.

"Low energy air filters are designed to optimise all the available surface area, thereby creating a lower pressure drop across the filter. This has a direct impact on the fan motor in terms of energy consumption.”

In one US hospital, the introduction of Camfil low-energy air filters saved $70,960 a year.

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