Managed Services shares the cost of a new outdoor gym for Chesterfield Royal Hospital


Company working to help the local community as well as providing cost and efficiency savings for Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Managed Services, part of Travis Perkins, has agreed to go halves with the Chesterfield Royal Hospital to provide them with a selection of outdoor gym equipment.

Now open to the public, the new outdoor gym, costing around £24,000 with half paid for by the Chesterfield Royal Hospital Charity, is located in the hospital grounds and features four pieces of equipment.

The Stepper provides a cardio workout for the lower body, while the Shoulder Press is great for upper body strengthening and toning. Those looking to strengthen their core and upper body can use the Chin Up and Dip and the Arm Curl can be used for strengthening and toning.

The donation follows a partnership between Managed Services and Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which sees Managed Services responsible for the trust’s repair and maintenance supply chain. The partnership is part of a shared service agreement, which Chesterfield Royal Hospital joined after seeing the cost and efficiency savings Managed Services secured for two local councils (North East Derbyshire Council and Bolsover District Council) and housing association, Rykneld Homes.

Repair and maintenance of council buildings, social housing, hospitals and clinics tends to be carried out by an in-house workforce, providing local employment and benefiting from local knowledge. However, supplying that workforce with the supplies and equipment they need, when they need it, is often an area of considerable inefficiency. Improving the maintenance and repair supply chain is proving to be one of those rare ‘quick-win’ opportunities that deliver real efficiency savings.

Stuart Hough, managing director of Managed Services, said: “We are always keen to help the local communities where we work and so are really pleased to unveil this new outdoor gym. Managed Services is already striving to make cost and efficiency savings for Chesterfield Royal Hospital and we can now hopefully help to improve the health and fitness of local residents too.”

Beverley Webster, chairman of Chesterfield Royal Hospital Charitable Funds Committee, added: “We are really grateful to Managed Services for topping up our charitable funds for the outdoor gym and look forward to continuing to work with them. The gym will really help to improve fitness and well-being for our patients as well as members of the public.”

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