Musgrove Park Hospital conducts cardiac stress imaging for first time


Installation of multi-purpose MRI system from Siemens Healthcare boosts scanning services

Musgrove Park Hospital has completed the installation of a MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T multi-purpose MRI system to conduct cardiac stress imaging for the first time.

The hospital is using the technology, which comes with the Cardiac Dot solution, to enable routine and complex MRI procedures ranging from outpatient knee scans to oncological and orthopaedic imaging 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to delivering cardiac stress imaging capabilities, the installation has led to rapid scanning times without compromising on image delivery, and increased efficiency of workflow and patient throughput. Additional specialist software applications installed include the Brain Dot and Abdominal Dot for further workflow customisation, including the simplification of complex imaging, while retaining consistent results.

Commentinng on the system, supplied by Siemens Healthcare, the hospital’s deputy clinical manager, Gill Stapleton-Smith, said: “The installation has made an immediate impact, allowing us to offer cardiac stress imaging for the first time The advanced capabilities of the system have brought increased efficiency and a paradigm shift through the extensive reduction in scanning times without compromising image quality. It also enables us to demonstrate capacity for further cardiac studies.”

The Aera has advanced post-processing abilities to automate many processes, assisted by integrated Tim 4G (Total imaging matrix) and Dot (Day optimising throughput) technology, helping to manage efficiencies and enhance workflow. Comfort is enhanced by the Aera’s wide, short 70cm open bore, which allows for scans to be conducted head or feet first. This improves tolerability for bariatric and claustrophobic patients through a reduction in sedation rates and by helping to minimise stress levels.

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“The installation enables Musgrove Park Hospital to broaden its services to patients, supported by Tim and Dot technology to deliver new standards of workflow efficiency,” said Darren Parker, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare. “The system’s 70cm open bore design will ensure patients receive the most comfortable scan experience possible, while helping further improve throughput without compromise.”