Musgrove Park Hospital installs SOMATOM Definition Flash CT system


Regional trauma centre increases capacity with introduction of Siemens system

Musgrove Park Hospital, run by Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, has installed a SOMATOM Definition Flash CT system from Siemens Healthcare.

The hospital, which was announced as a regional trauma centre in 2012, is using the system to support its cardiology services in addition to providing oncology, vascular and general trauma imaging. The Definition Flash is assisting departmental workflow thanks to its rapid imaging times, currently enabling around 250 patients to be scanned weekly.

The system includes two X-ray tubes, allowing it to complete an entire heart scan in 250 milliseconds with a dose that is most appropriate for the specific patient. The use of Stellar Detectors in the system generates ultra-thin slices with high spatial resolution, featuring TrueSignal Technology to keep noise levels to a minimum. Additionally, the Dual Source CT system is equipped with two adaptive dose shields, ensuring patients receive the lowest, clinically-relevant dose possible.

“Musgrove was designated a regional trauma centre earlier this year and this CT scanner, which is generally acknowledged to be the world’s most advanced, reinforces our commitment to providing the finest imaging facilities,” said Gill Stapleton, deputy clinical manager at Musgrove Park Hospital. “We have been fortunate to install the scanner in a suite large enough to accommodate a full trauma team, with adjacent reporting and viewing facilities. Because of this, we will continue to benefit from working with Siemens as a reference site for product development and visits from other CT teams.”

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“The installation of the SOMATOM Definition Flash at Musgrove Park will have a positive impact on the hospital’s cardiac capabilities, especially after its designation as a regional trauma centre,” added Darren Parker, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare. “The system is designed to deliver fast and accurate CT imaging, which enables clinicians at the hospital to gain high-quality cardiac images as well as supporting other services. The aim with CT is always to produce the best possible image quality at the lowest dose – the Definition Flash is helping Musgrove Park to achieve that.”