Philips launches Lumify app-based ultrasound solution


Smart device provides point-of-care diagnostics across care settings

  • Smart device solution uses Android tablet interface for ultra-mobile, flexible use at point of care
  • Three advanced ultrasound transducers and comprehensive app-based software suite offer clinicians enhanced diagnostic care whenever and wherever they need it
Lumify is a new smart device ultrasound solution for use at the point of care

Lumify is a new smart device ultrasound solution for use at the point of care

Royal Philips has announced that Lumify, a smart device ultrasound solution for use at the point of care, is now available in the UK.

Philips’ new ultrasound digital health device connects off-the-shelf compatible smart devices, a mobile application, advanced ultrasound transducer technology, integrated IT, and support services to help healthcare providers improve patient care while potentially reducing ultrasound-associated costs.

“In the emergency and acute setting the ability to quickly offer ultrasound at the patient side provides considerable care benefits,” said Rob Galloway, emergency medicine consultant at Brighton and Sussex Hospital NHS Trust.

“Having immediate access to a smart tablet device reduces the time needed to start ultrasound diagnostics and means we can accurately assess patients’ conditions, make quick critical decisions, and shorten the time to the right treatment.”

Since debuting the smart device ultrasound concept in 2014, Philips has enhanced the solution for increasing clinical uses, including acute, non-emergency, sports and primary care practices.

With three transducers including sector, linear and curved array for a variety of scans; Lumify provides clinicians with the ability to carry out informed assessments across procedures such as cardiac, pararentesis, thyroid, lung and abdomen exams, obstetric examinations and line placements.

Philips launches Lumify app-based ultrasound solution

“Having Lumify in the UK is a great tool to help clinicians deliver diagnostic excellence in a cost effective way,” said Randy Hamlin, business leader for point of care at Philips.

“With the ultrasound technology living in the transducer, clinicians can connect Lumify to any compatible smart device for immediate access to industry-leading mobile ultrasound images.

”It also connects easily into existing hospital IT and PACS systems, so it’s perfectly attuned to today’s demands for seamless care and image access, to ensure care teams can meet growing demands while driving improved patient satisfaction.”

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Lumify is a solution that will grow with its users, with plans for regular software updates and additional transducers, services and apps released at regular intervals.

Philips launches Lumify app-based ultrasound solution