The ultimate solution for hygienic water dispensing


Brita and Vivreau join forces to create ground-breaking new Hygiene Solution drinking water system for sensitive environments

Brand new to the UK, the Brita Vivreau Hygiene Solution drinking water system is a ground-breaking innovation that will transform drinking water dispensing within hygienically-sensitive environments, such as hospitals.

Together with world-renowned drinking water specialists Brita, Vivreau’s expertise with advanced water filtration and dispense systems has proven to be invaluable in terms of the equipment required to house this unique piece of technology.

Microbiological pollution can occur naturally in normal water coolers, and for hygienically-sensitive areas such as hospitals, this poses an obvious problem.

When the Hygiene Solution drinking water system is implemented, bacteria growth around the dispenser nozzle is eradicated without manual intervention or the use of chemicals. Instead, the patented thermal germ barrier heats up automatically at regular intervals, therefore thermally disinfecting the dispenser which maintains the neutrality of perfectly-filtered drinking water from a Vivreau system.

The ultimate solution for hygienic water dispensing

While each system is built with cleanliness in mind, from design all the way through to manufacture, the need for the utmost sterility in hospitals is crucial, where the slightest change in bacteria can be detrimental to patient health.

The Hygiene Solution drinking water system utilises a sterile, double-membrane filter (pore size of 0.45µm/0.2µm) alongside a patented thermal germ barrier to prevent microbial regrowth, which is essential to reduce the spread of infection.

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Stephen Charles, managing director at Vivreau, said: “Working with Brita to create a home for the Hygiene Solution has resulted in a range of equipment for dispensing filtered drinking water in the most-hygienic way possible. For Vivreau, this means that our message of environmental awareness is extending to new markets, where our ethos of reducing the global transportation of bottled water now benefits customers whose primary concern is hygiene. For us, being part of such a cutting-edge project that will be advantageous to such a societal necessity is something that we are very, very proud of.”